Jason Saucier

Jason has worked as an artist for over twenty years and is now the instructor and director of Permanent Cosmetics at Coastal Wellness Center.
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The Hype???
We have become familiar with a wide range of the instructional programs offered and the styles of teaching. The sad truth is that this field is "ripe with hype" where instruction is concerned.
Just being aware of this can save you a lot of heartache and hard earned cash.

For starters remember that the amount and quality of your comprehension of this art form is most often in direct proportion to class size and personality of those giving the instruction.

We have heard it all form students seeking to be retrained:

1) Traveling "roadshow" schools. Those outfits that run ads in a city leading up to their visit were they give "convention style" instruction to a large crowd of unwary souls who clamor for more individual attention and never really get any, going home uneducated with a stack of notes and a completion certificate!
2) The "Doctor M.D. school" The schools that are run by medical professionals whose websites show a long list of credentials and people dressed for surgery. When in reality you spend 40 to 50 hours in a classroom talking to other students while the "instructor talks on the phone or about their life experience for half the time with little patience for students or understanding of aesthetics.
3) "Those who cant do, teach" Not always but often true! Get a feel for the individual who will be instructing you. If they have "real" photos or video of their work you will get a better idea of the quality of what you will be learning.

Students learn by working on live models.

Coastal Wellness Center
4511 Franklin Ave.
Wilmington, NC 28403


Coastal Wellness Center, D.B.A. Coastal Day Spa Inc. offers training in the field of Micro-pigmentation by world renowned artist/practitioner Jason Saucier. The theme of study at Coastal Wellness Center holds it's emphasis on the artistic and aesthetic approach to the application of Permanent Cosmetics as well as safety and sterility. Jason understands the importance of the design, structure, interaction between pigments and skin tones and many other aesthetic factors that come into play when working in this profession. Coastal Wellness Center and it's Studio are regulated and inspected by the health department. We are located in Wilmington, NC Study

The course takes place over a period of 4 days in an actual working practice facility/day spa. This working environment will expose the student to proper business activities and instill competency on all levels. The student will be given 20 hours of one-on-one instruction (or in groups of 2-4), study materials, and practical training guided by the artist. Instruction is designed to give the student a full understanding of the protocol, business practices and aesthetics of this discipline including the following:


  • Study Safety issues; Disease, Blood born pathogen control.

  • Proper use of materials and tools.

  • Familiarization with varying tools including manual tools, rotary tool and coil .

  • Learn use of forms, brochures, marketing materials, business structure.

  • Learn proper setup of workspace.

  • Client safety, health considerations and possible contraindications.

  • Aesthetics of Intradermal Pigmentation.

  • Comprehensive instructional video

    Optional Free Services!

  • One mineral inch loss body wrap
  • One hour full swedish massage
  • Eyeliner or Brow procedure by Jason

    Equipment and materials:
  • One permanent cosmetics rotoray tool
    (Available stock)

  • Study materials
  • Instructional video

  • 4-5 hour days  $2,500
    (Limit 4 persons per class)

  • Personal training (one on one) is also available. Call for price and scheduling.

  • At the completion of this instruction period, having satisfactorily completed all training, and showing competence, the trainee will receive a certificate of completion and good reference by Jason Saucier and Coastal Wellness Center.

    Next Class dates: September 12-15

    Hotel Accommodations:
    Holiday Inn Express
    $95 per night

    Best Western The Carolinian $45 per night
    2916 Market St., Wilmington, NC (910) 763-4653
    I have seen #116 and it's pretty nice.


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